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The new Hyperion Zs motor series cost more than some "budget" brands, but provide much more value in the short run - and over the years. Simply put, everything inside is the very best obtainable. Japanese 0.2mm stator steel and bearings, 200C magnets and coil wire (hand-wound), and precision all-CNC construction; All these lay the foundation on which two years of Intensive design and testing delivered the highest efficiency motors ever produced. And stringent ISO 9001 Quality Control insure your maximum satisfaction, present and future. Hyperion is offering more than 80 different types of brushless motors. Click on Brushless motors from the type selector above to see them all. The new Atlas series ESC follow the lead of Zs motors in materials, design, and quality control. Via components such as an expensive 8-layer PCB and the newest, best FETs, they achieve our goal of the lowest resistance, highest performing ESC on the RC market today. Capping the superb hardware is an excellent new firmware driver, which provides smooth and efficient motor driving, and a marvelously stable helicopter governor mode. Look for Hyperion Atlas speed controllers at World Championship R/C events this year and next. Only from Hyperion can you get such a wide selection of all-electric ARF models. You are looking at the new Hyperion Samson II. The first Samson flew in 1948, and in 1985 Wolf Aircraft USA made a replica which is still flying today. Steve Wolf later applied his expertise to the improved Samson II, one of the most capable aerobatic showplanes in the world. This performance is shared by the Hyperion Samson II 70e. And, like all Hyperion models, the Samson II features the very best of materials, finish, and attention to detail. Easy "ARF" building, superb performance, great looks; you can have it all. See more under ARF airplane
Hyperion is already recognized as the leader in RC battery chargers, and we continue to push development forward. The newest 0720i NET3 and 0615i DUO3 provide a wide feature set, and unmatched power to suit 5C-chargeable batteries like our new G3 Lipo. And with built-in USB and supplied cable, you'll take advantage of our regular firmware updates for added features and performance. And there is an EOS charger for every user and need, from the easy and inexpensive 0403i, to the AC/DC 0606i, to the flagship NET/DUO series. Safety, features, and power. Get the bes - click on Battery charger above. The new G3 Lipo packs represent a major shift in LiPo performance and value. Compared to an average of the batteries on market last year, they last up to 4x longer under the same conditions. That makes them a bargain price-wise. But they also deliver the highest voltage and flattest discharge curves under load, which makes them the best of performers. The fact that they can be safely charged at up to "5C" rates - for charge times as low as 10 to 12 minutes - is just icing on a very tasty cake. Check'm out, you'll be glad you did. Click on lipo battery pack above. Hyperion Atlas digital servos are made in Korea to the highest standards. All are fully programmable via PC software, or can use the Emeter V2 to set speed, travel, center, dead-band, and rotation direction. This allows for greater safety, as each servo can be programmed for the model, avoiding a crash due to wrong model memory setting on your transmitter. They're also great for scale applications such as slow-opening doors and flaps. But most of all these servos are becoming known for their incredibly precise centering, power, and reliability - all at a great price. Click on Servo above to see them all.

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Hyperion 6-Pin Pack-side Balance Connector, HP-style for 5S