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Hyperion EOS 0720i NET3 AD charger, 1S-7S, max 20A, 150W DC and 90W AC input with EU power cord

  • Next-generation 0720i NET charger for 110-240V and >15VDC
  • Perfect for home as well as the field or track
  • Adapter boards for Chinese types (XH) and of course Hyperion is included - two adaptes are included (not 3 as depicted)
The EOS 0720i NET3-AD charger combines the best of both worlds. Up to 7S lipos (support all other popular chemistries too) and up to 20A raw charging power. With the built in balancer you keep your lipos healthy and safe.

The 220V input provides 90W of input power where when on DC (up to 15V) you have 150W at your disposal.

The EOS 0720i NET3 AD is the answer when looking to upgrade to more power but where you still have the flexibility of the built-in power supply.