1:18th Scale Inrunner Motor, 0808-4100KV


Part Number: CC-IM0808-4100

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Mini Size, Massive Power!

Our 4 pole 0808 series motors are intended for on-road and off-road applications running up to 3S LiPo and weighing in at up to 2.5lbs. 0808 motors are available with in combos with both of our race-proven Micro ESCs. For 2WD and lighter 4WD vehicles (<1.5lbs, apprx. 700g) we recommend the Sidewinder Micro 2, and for heavier 4WD vehicles (>1.5lbs, apprx. 700g) the Mamba Micro X is recommended. The 0808 series motors delivers tremendous performance for an extremely affordable price.

Not intended for 1/16th scale or 1/14th scale vehicles (IE Losi Mini-8ight/T, Traxxas Mini E-Revo)


  • Input Voltage Range: 2S-3S LiPo, 4-9 cell NiMH
  • Kv: 4100
  • Max. RPM: N/A
  • Sensored Capable: No
  • Recon G6 Certified Motor: No
  • ROAR Certified Motor: No
  • Size: Length: 1.5"" (38mm), Diameter:0.79"" (20mm)
  • Weight (w/wires): 1.8 oz. (50g)
  • Shaft Size: Length: N/A, Diameter: 0.08"" (2mm)
  • Mounting Hole Specifications: 2.5mm holes @ 1/2”, 14MM, 5/8”
  • Cooling Fan: No
  • Connectors: 3.5mm male bullets
  • Recommended ESC(s): Mamba Micro X, Sidewinder Micro 2
  • Max. Recommended Vehicle Weight: 2.25lbs (apprx. 1.0kg)

Items Needed for Operation:

Compatible ESC (See Recommended ESC(s) )

Product Use Statements:


Application Guidelines:

Up to 3S LiPo and weighing in at up to 2.25lbs(apprx. 1.0kg)

Tech Notes:

Monitor motor temperatures closely; overheating a motor will cause permanent damage to the magnets. Never exceed 180° F on the the motor or ESC.