10~12 AWG Self Soldering Heatshrink Splicing Sleeve w/ Waterproof (12pcs)


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To get a neat connection between two wires when trying soldering is always troubling.
But you don’t need to warry anymore with this convenient self-soldering splice sleeve.

This simple method easily makes neat joints between two wires and gives you a secure, insulated sleeve with waterproof.

These sleeves feature a low temperature solder ring and two color bands that are the heat activated adhesive seals. Those can be soldered and melted with standard Heat Gun so no more crimping or using soldering iron is required.

Take the wires that will be spliced and then slide the tube over one of the wires. Trim the ends and then push them together so the wire strands intertwine with each other. Slide the tube back over until the solder ring is centered over the joint. Gently heat the tube from the center to shrink the heatshrink and to melt the solder ring. Also heat remaining area to shrink entire sleeve. Leave it for a few seconds to cool.

※Be careful the sleeve will be hot. Let it cool down before you touch.

You can also use a gas powered soldering iron kit with torch for making these joints.

This is a great tool for the easy splicing wires in your house or in the fields.

What's in the package

  • • 10~12 AWG Self Soldering Heatshrink Splicing Sleeve w/ Waterproof x 12 pcs


  • • Fits: 10~12AWG (4.0~6.0mm) wire
  • • Tube Diameter: 6.0mm
  • • Color Band: Yellow