Align 105T M1 Helical Autorotation Tail Drive Gear Set AL-H70G013XX

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Fits: T-REX 700X/760X/800E.

Perfect tail lock for Slow 3D flight.
  • Brand new high drive gear ratio is designed especially for F3C & slow 3D flight with superior tail lock and precise flight performance. (Suitable for head speed at 1900RPM)
  • To make sure to get the best effect, it must be used with whole set.
  • Gear Ratio 1:5.25
T-REX 700 Tail Drive Gear Ratio With Main Rotor Speed Table:
Main Blades Tail Blade RPM approx. Tail Drive Gear Front Drive Gear Drive Gear Ratio
700mm 106mm 2150 - 2200 RPM 102T 23T 8.46/1/4.43
700mm 106mm 2000 - 2150 RPM 104T 22T 8.46/1/4.73
700mm 106mm < 1900 RPM 105T 20T 8.46/1/5.25
For your safety, please pay attention to the above 2200 RPM, incorrect excess 2200 RPM may result in damage to the helicopter or injury the porperty of others.

  • 105T M1 Autorotation tail drive gear set x 1
  • 20T M1 Front drive gear assembly set x 1