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ArmSoar GO 2 Light Carbon - 1.5m (Yellow)

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Part Number: ARM-GO2-L-FYE

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Hong Kong


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Start DLG with the ArmSoar GO 2 glider, with a 1.5m wingspan solid core wing and a fully molded light carbon fuselage. A huge bang for the buck, the GO 2 checks all those boxes and looks great to start with! A full-size DLG with all the controls - flaps, rudder, and elevator, for an uncompromising DLG experience. Perfect for beginner to intermediate pilots, the GO 2 provides quality and performance never before seen at these prices.

Produced in precision CNC-milled aluminum molds, the wings and tails are molded with a solid foam core for accuracy and durability. The Zone V2 airfoils give the plane a large speed range to allow you to fly to the potential the conditions allow. From sleek and fast to slow and floaty, this wing can do it all with the appropriate settings. A modern higher aspect-ratio wing means it allows pilots to throw it higher, easier.

Light Carbon One-piece molded fuselage promises stiffness and easy of assembly. The roomy nose allows you a wide variety of servo choices, as well as ease of installation - very important for the beginner builders. The GO 2 has excellent flying characteristics and good thermal capability. Due to the one piece wing and solid fuselage with less number of parts, assembly is fast and you can be flying in a matter of few hours. Start DLG today with the GO 2 and experience gliding like never before!


  • Solid XPS-core molded one piece wing with fiberglass/Carboline STF/A-Spread STF
  • Light Carbon, Carboline STF one piece molded fuselage
  • Solid XPS core tail plane with fiberglass/Carboline STF
  • High L/D ratio with excellent penetration
  • Sleek appearance with Friendly handling characteristics
  • Quality hardware for fast assembly

Included with the package:

  • ArmSoar GO 2 Light Carbon - 1.5m (Yellow) x 1


  • Materials: Solid XPS core, Light Carbon, Carboline STF
  • Wing airfoil: Zone V2 series
  • Wingspan: 1495mm
  • Wing area: 20.50 dm²
  • AUW: 110~255¬†grams (Light Carbon: Carboline STF )
  • CG: 75mm

Recommended, but not included:

  • Receiver: 4ch micro
  • Servos: Low profile 8gm servos x 4
  • Battery: 650mah 1s LiPo