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ArmSoar GO Mini Fiberglass - 950mm (Green/Yellow)


Part Number: ARM-GOM950-F-FGRYEL-N

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Hong Kong


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Did you ever wish to have a plane in the car to fling around? Look no more! Introducing the GO Mini, a 950mm wingspan compact DLG perfect for having in the car, ready to fly in small areas whenever the opportunity arises! With special care taken during the design process for easy precise building, with features such as pre-molded servo trays, side exit wing pushrods with an innovative fairing, conical rudder attachment, and more.

Designed for the National Junior P3K Championships in China by our design team, the GO Mini uses a unique, state of the art aerodynamics design that is hard to miss. The larger wing chord allows the GO Mini to have a better float and thermal ability, while also making the plane more forgiving to fly. In wind, you can ballast up the model for increased penetration and make the model more stable.

Fully designed using the same techniques as current top-of-the-line DLG's, the design is then transferred to precision CNC-milled aluminum molds, and built using composite layup and solid core technology for the best strength to weight ratio as well as durability.

The standard designs are available in both fiberglass and carbon versions and include a gradient lightning pattern on the top of the wing with your color choice + yellow trim, and stripes on the bottom with your color choice + yellow trim, and a colored nose. Plain options for the carbon versions feature the stripes on the bottom of the wing and colored nose only, for a lighter flying weight. The GO Mini looks small but 'Feels' like a bigger 1.5m model.


  • Solid XPS core molded one piece wing with C30 Carbon weave or glass fiber skin
  • One piece fuselage with Carbon glass fiber mix
  • Solid XPS core molded tailplane with C30 Carbon weave or glass fiber skin
  • Easy to build four parts assembly & setup
  • Small & compact size for High launches
  • Wide speed range & Great climb rate
  • Sensitive to light thermals
  • High L/D ration and penetration
  • Friendly handling characteristics
  • Available in Glass fiber and Carbon version

Included with the package:

  • ArmSoar GO Mini Fiberglass - 950mm (Green/Yellow) x 1


  • Materials: Wing: Solid XPS core, fiberglass or Carboweave STF and carbon spar reinforcements
  • Wing airfoil: Proprietary
  • Wing area: 13.25dm²
  • Wingspan: 965mm
  • AUW: 145-155 grams

Recommended, but not included:

  • Receiver: 4ch micro
  • Servos: Low profile 8gm servos x 4
  • Battery: 400mah 1s LiPo