The new Atlas series ESC follow the lead of the new Hyperion Zs and Hs motors in terms of materials, design, and quality control. Via components such as an expensive 8-layer PCB and the newest, high-spec FETs, they achieve our goal of the lowest resistance, highest performing ESC on the RC market today. Capping the superb hardware is an excellent new firmware driver, which provides smooth and efficient motor driving, and a marvelously stable helicopter governor mode. Look for Hyperion Atlas speed controllers at World Championship R/C events this year and next.


The ATLAS ESC come with an Infrared Remote Transmitter (above right) and Receiver (right), which allows you to set the many programming options easily without connecting to the ESC.

The Hyperion Emeter II (left) can also program the ATLAS ESC, with helpful text visible for each option during the programming process.


PART NUMBER L x W x H (mm) Weight(g) 1 Max Input Volts/Lipo S Current 2 Continuous Ri m BEC Max Output
  • 1 - Weights are with full-length wires.
  • 2 - Continuous currents listed require good air-flow cooling. Peak rated current = 120% of continuous.
  • 3 - 012LB should not be used with 4S LiPo unless BEC (red) wire is removed from Rx connector block.
  • 4 - Other LB ESC rated max 4 servos on 3S, 2 servos on 4S.
  • 5 - 68V (16S) rating is the physical limit of components. Usage limit may be lower depending on country.
  • 6 - 060LB has 6V BEC output. Excellent choice for 450-class Heli, 3D airplanes, etc. Requires servos rated for 6V maximum or greater.
ATLAS 2S~4S ESC with Linear BEC (release Aug 1 2009)
HP-ATLAS-012LB 26.8 x 17.5 x 5.2 9.5 15V/4S 3 12A 6.77 1A/5V photo
HP-ATLAS-025LB 51.0 x 26.1 x 8.8 27.3 15V/4S 4 25A 3.66 3A/5V photo
HP-ATLAS-035LB 69.1 x 30.1 x 9.0 39.5 15V/4S 4 35A 2.56 3A/5V photo
HP-ATLAS-045LB 75.7 x 30.1 x 9.6 45.4 15V/4S 4 45A 2.33 4A/5V photo
HP-ATLAS-060LB 69.7 x 30.1 x 14.0 66.3 15V/4S 4 60A 1.38 4A/6V 6 photo
HP-ATLAS-090LB 75.8 x 30.1 x 13.2 78.8 15V/4S 4 90A 1.28 3A/5V photo
HP-ATLAS-110LB 92.9 x 30.1 x 13.2 84.4 15V/4S 4 110A 0.78 4A/5V photo
ATLAS 2S~6S ESC with Switching BEC (release Aug 1 2009)
HP-ATLAS-030SB 67.8 x 30.1 x 9.2 43.3 26V/6S 30A 2.00 4A/5.5V photo
HP-ATLAS-045SB 73.0 x 30.1 x 9.2 47.9 26V/6S 45A 1.32 4A/5.5V photo
HP-ATLAS-060SB 66.5 x 30.1 x 13.4 64.5 26V/6S 60A 1.00 4A/5.5V photo
HP-ATLAS-090SB 78.3 x 30.1 x 13.4 72.5 26V/6S 90A 0.98 4A/5.5V photo
HP-ATLAS-120SB 84.0 x 30.1 x 13.4 71.6 26V/6S 120A 0.66 4A/5.5V photo
HP-ATLAS-180SB 85.5 x 30.1 x 17.5 113.1 26V/6S 180A 0.50 4A/5.5V photo
ATLAS 4S~12S OPTO ESC (release est. Sep 15 2009)
HP-ATLAS-090OP 91.0 x 47.3 x 23.5 173.7 50V/12S 90A TBA N/A photo
HP-ATLAS-130OP 91.0 x 47.3 x 23.5 175.5 50V/12S 130A TBA N/A photo
ATLAS 4S~12S OPTO ESC (release est. Oct 15 2009)
HP-ATLAS-150OP 177.0 x 59.4 x 20.0 282.6 68V/16S 5 150A TBA N/A TBA
HP-ATLAS-200OP 122.1 x 75.6 x 45.1 475.0 68V/16S 5 200~225A TBA TBA N/A TBA

Warranty Coverage  

Hyperion ATLAS ESC are guaranteed for defects in materials and workmanship (solder joints, etc) for one year from date of purchase.

ATLAS ESC are NOT guaranteed for the following:
  • Physical Damage to the ESC occurring after purchase (impact, water/moisture/salt, etc)
  • Use outside of specifications
  • ESC which fail while CURRENT PROTECTION feature is turned OFF
  • Short circuit or reversed polarity of input power
  • ESC which have been disassembled or modified by the user (other than reducing wire length)
  • Returns without copy of Original Receipt
  • Returns without accompanying note stating the reason for return

For ESC with problems NOT due to defects in workmanship or materials (i.e. a crash, water damage, etc...) you may return the ESC to your nationwide distributor in trade for a 45% discount on new ESC.

Your selling dealer is your first point of contact for warranty issues. Please contact your dealer for advice BEFORE returning any item. In many cases your dealer can help you solve a problem without return. Return postage is the responsibility of the user in all cases.

You MUST Submit copy of original receipt, and explanation of the problem with the return.

Returned units should be examined by the Hyperion dealer’s tech department within 10 days of arrival, maximum, and contact made with the user to explain the findings.