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Hyperion GP4 Gear Sets for ATLAS DIGITAL Servos

ATLAS Digital Servo Datasheet

Hyperion offers complete gear sets for all of the servos in our range. If the servo has been in use for a long time, you'll want the full replacement set of all the gears, in order to get "as new" performance again.

However, sometime you have a crash (or run into a door frame at home) with a servo which is otherwise in good condition. And in many such cases it is just one or two gears that break. Wouldn't it be nice to only buy the few gears you need in that case, and save some money??

"GP4" stands for "gear primary - 4 sets". Any metal-gear servo (made by any company) use a plastic primary gear - or set of gears - closest to the servo motor. This isolates the gear-train electrically, and also serves as a sacrifice gear (or gears) in a crash. Many users asked for low-cost replacement sets of these primary gears, so that they don't need to spend the money on a full gear set just to replace the primary gear(s) for their metal-gear servo.

For your metal-gear servo, the GP4 set includes the plastic gear(s) between the motor pinion gear and the first metal gear above that.

All GP4 gear sets give you FOUR of the gear (or gears), allowing FOUR repair jobs of the Primary or MLF gears in your servo.

In the case of the DS09 and DS11 carbonpoly plastic-gear servo types, we are releasing GP4 sets which may (or may not) be the primary gears. For these servos, each set includes four of the gear(s) "Most Likely to Fail" (MLF) in the event of a crash. See the links below for diagrams showing which gears are included in the set for each servo type. Check your broken servo. If the broken gears match those supplied in the GP4 set, you've just saved a lot of money, as you won't need the full gear set...

Here are the carbonpoly plastic gear servos for which GP4 sets are available now, showing the included gear(s). Click image for larger version.