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Blazer 2-in-1 Trainer & Sport Plane (1200/1280mm) PNP


Part Number: TP-BLAZER

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Hong Kong


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TOPRc introduces a new trainer aircraft with a twist to all other trainers on the market today, the Blazer trainer. One thing the BLAZER stands out from the rest is that it comes with 2 set of wings. One is trainer wing with ample dihedral and other is sports wing without dihedral and Ailerons for aerobatic maneuvers once the pilot has gained enough experience to pull off flight stunts.

Trainer Wing features ample dihedral angle which makes it gentle & stable in flight and easy to control with no tip stalling tendencies at low speed. With trainer wing you can perform & master basic maneuvers like inside loops, outside loops, inverted flight, barrel roll etc. easily. The sports wing is designed for intermediate & advanced pilot's who can push the aircraft around in the sky and explore new aerobatics with ease like high speed flight and flexible maneuvers and manage much more vigorous maneuvers than the trainer wing. Both wings can be interchanged easily with the new innovative single nylon bolt that twists and locks in place, no screwing needed.

Equipped with a powerful AT3511 KV750 motor gives it a 1:1 thrust ratio and take offs are instant. A 2200mah 3s lipo and should give over 8 minutes of flight and the model comes in PNP setup which makes it easy to setup and no gluing needed. Novice pilots can be in air in a matter of few minutes and the big size wheels in tricycle setup make takeoffs from grass or any other field very easy. Go barnstorming with the Blazer and awe your mates on the field!


  • Modular EPO construction with optimized structure design that is durable and crash-resistant
  • Interchangeable 2 set of wings, Trainer wing with dihedral and Sports wing with no dihedral
  • Removable aluminum alloy landing gear for structural strength and very good shock absorption
  • Automatic heat dissipation function on the motor that ensures high efficiency and prolongs the life of the motor
  • All the servos are easily detachable to make them easy to maintain or replace
  • Easy and convenient to disassemble and maintain overall for some one new to the hobby
  • Tricycle landing gear configuration with Steerable nose wheel

Included with the package:

  • Blazer 2-in-1 Trainer & Sport Plane (1200/1280mm) PNP x 1


  • Wing Span:
    • (1)Trainer version: 1280mm/50.40in;
    • (2)Sports version: 1200mm/47.25in
  • Length: 942mm/37.09in
  • Thrust ratio: 1:1
  • Motor: AT3511 KV750 Out runner brushless
  • ESC: 30A Brushless ESC
  • Servo: 9g x 4nos
  • R/C System: 2.4Ghz 4ch radio (Not Included)
  • Battery: Lipo 3S 11.1V,2200mAh 20C (Not Included)
  • Weight: 1152g

Note: This is PNP version and includes Motor, ESC and servos. Requires 4-6ch transmitter, receiver, Lipo battery and Lipo charger.