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Lipo Battery Connectors & Types

In the world of RC, we have to deal with different types of connectors. Since the electric revolution, a number of connectors has been introduced by various manufacturers some also patented and claimed to be the best connector. The actual purpose of an electrical connector very important and gives the ability to connect between 2 or more electrical components, in order to allow current to flow between them. We need connectors that meet several needs including how well it allows current to flow, how easy the connector is to solder and use, and of course there is safety concerns as well. So the purpose of a connector for RC use is not simply that it can connect to components, it needs to be properly designed as well. This article gives an insight of different connectors used in the hobby industry.

The main picture shows a range of the most popular battery connectors and balance / charging plugs. They are labelled and listed as follows:

  • C1 - Deans (T) type main connector - Female & Male. These are the first connector s developed specifically for RC use and have been long favorite. Used for main connection to speed controllers and lipos. Used for medium to high current draw
  • C2 - JST / BEC type main connector - Female & Male. These connectors are mainly used on smaller capacity lipos under 1000mah (2S-3S). Lightweight and small size suits small Esc’s.  Mainly used where current draw is low.
  • C3  - Tamiya main battery plug usually used on Car and Boat batteries (NiCd / NiMh) - Female & Male
  • C4 - Bullet Connectors - Female & Male. Single wire connectors, available in a range of different sizes to suit current draw / load requirements from 2mm to 8mm.
  • C5 - HXT Connectors - Female & Male. Available in 3.5mm and 4.0mm sizes. Used for main battery connectors for medium / high power applications.
  • C6 - Traxxas Connectors - Male & Female. Mainly used on high current draw car and boat batteries
  • C7 - XT60 Connectors - Male & Female. Available in 3 sizes XT30, XT60 and XT90. Used for high current draw battery.
  • C8  - EC3 Connectors - Male & Female. Used for high current draw battery connections
  • LiPo Battery Balance / Charger Plugs

There is 4 primary types of Balance Plug connectors used on LiPo batteries and Chargers

  • B1  - Hyperion Latest Generation LiPo Balance Charger plug - Female & Male  (JST-XHR (XH) the most popular, currently being used )
  • B2 - Hyperion / PolyQuest (HP / PQ) LiPo Balance Charger plug - Female & Male (Legacy Hyperion Connector, discontinued)
  • B3 - JST-XHR (XH) LiPo Balance Charger plug - Female & Male
  • B4 - JST-EHR (EH) LiPo Balance Charger plug - Female & Male

The table below shows the number of pins associated with each connector depending on the series connection.


2 Cell 2S 7.4 Vdc 3 Pins
3 Cell 3S 11.1 Vdc 4 Pins
4 Cell 4S 14.8 Vdc 5 Pins
5 Cell 5S 18.5 Vdc 6 Pins
6 Cell 6S 22.2 Vdc 7 Pins
7 Cell 7S 25.9 Vdc 8 Pins