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Flying Bricks Lego© Style DIY Mini Brushed Quadcopter Kit V2 (Mode 2)

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Build your own Nano size drone using the Flying Bricks LEGO® Style V2 kit. Highly customizable, create six different configurations. Rebuild-able, Crash-friendly, Trial and Error is the spirit of these kits. They are designed to be durable and withstand many flight tests. It incorporates children's love for playing and building with familiar LEGO style bricks. With the fascinating world of science, technology, and robotics, an intuitive product to teach engineering concepts in a creative manner and hands-on experience, to children of all ages. No tools needed, builds in less than 15 minutes and ready to fly with the included pre programmed board. Flying Bricks Kit come complete, no need to pull out a soldering iron or buy additional parts. Motors come pre crimped from factory with connectors making assembly even easier, simply plug in. Give your child imagination wings and watch the engineer from their inside come to life!!

Flying Bricks LEGO® Style V2 kit makes learning easy & fun intuitive for beginners, while staying challenging for experts. Take your build to the sky with this creative kit and included radio controller. Gift your beloved an educative and fun kit to spend the vacation in a creative and learning way. Makes for a great classroom project too, learn principles of flight and aerodynamics!!


  • Creative Lego Style Kit V2, customizable
  • Create upto six different configurations
  • No tools needed, no soldering needed
  • Motors come with connectors
  • Rebuildable and crash friendly
  • Builds & ready to fly in less than 15mins
  • Radio controller included

Included with the package:

  • Flying Bricks Lego© Style DIY Mini Brushed Quadcopter Kit V2 (Mode 2) x 1


  • Frame size: 150x150mm
  • Color: Red
  • Flight time: 4-5min
  • Charging Time: 30min
  • Charging mode: USB
  • Battery: 3.7v 300mah
  • Box Dimension: 200*145*65mm
  • Propellers: 65mm
  • Weight: 49g


  • Caution: Kit contains high speed rotating parts. Keep away from small children
  • Strictly under Adult supervision recommended