Flying Up - Free Flight Rubber Band Powered Plane Kit (Green)

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Teach your young ones the basics of Powered flight with this simple Free flight rubber power model kit from Flying-Up. Assembles in minutes and ready to fly after a few windings. This kit is a perfect example of how kinetic energy is used to drive a propeller and create thrust. The Rubber band when winded stores energy in the form of twists and releases the same while unwinding to rotate a propeller which creates a sudden burst of power to create a flight.

Construction is simple and makes use of EPS wings and tail parts, plastic molded propeller, wing pylon and tailplane holder which simply slides onto the wooden stick and use of double sided tape to stick the wings and tail parts to plastic. The kit is designed to be self explanatory and easy to assemble even for beginners. Experts can fine tune the model and expect flights of over 30-45sec to 1 minutes in good no wind conditions outside. Enjoy the glide and relax back to cherish your childhood memories!


  • Durable and lightweight EPS & Plastic molded parts
  • Slide on design, no glue or tools needed
  • No batteries required, simply increase no of windings for longer flights
  • Good educational kit and outdoor activity for kids
  • Pre printed colorful graphics on wings and tail
  • All parts included to complete the kit

Included with the package:

  • Flying Up - Free Flight Rubber Band Powered Plane Kit (Green)x 1


  • Material: EPS, Plastic & Wood
  • Wingspan: 16"
  • Weight: 26g
  • Color: Green

Note: Requires adult supervision and expert guidance for assembly and flying.

Important Information:

For a good flights, assemble model carefully as shown and perform test glides adjusting the CG by sliding wing pylon back or forth. Check wing and tail for warps and remove if necessary. Fly in big open place free of obstacles like trees, electric wires and buildings.