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Make the Tidewater your first — or next — float plane! Fast to assemble without using glue, it boosts your confidence with predictable flight characteristics and easy water handling. Takeoffs are a snap, whether from water, grass or by hand. At full throttle, the Tidewater is fast and powerful. When it’s time to land, just point the plane into the wind, reduce speed and keep the wings level…it almost lands itself!

Why go with a Tx-R? Glad you asked.

Start with speed and ease. Tx-R aircraft help you save time and get you to the flight line faster. They’re assembled and finished and all onboard electronics are installed …including an SLT receiver. Take a Tx-R out of the box, and you’re practically ready to fly. Now that’s fast and easy.

Add flexibility to the mix. With a Tx-R, you don’t have to buy a special radio to fly. That’s because all Tx-R aircraft come with an SLT receiver. And since they do, you have two very attractive choices.

One, you can fly a Tx-R with a 2.4GHz SLT radio system from Tactic or other manufacturer. Just look for a radio with an "SLT" logo; that tells you they’re 100% compatible with the receivers in all Tx-R aircraft.

However, you may already have a favorite transmitter and don’t want to give it up. That brings up choice #2: the Tactic AnyLink2. Attach it to your transmitter and it does something amazing: it broadcasts a true 2.4GHz signal that any SLT receiver can pick up. It works with virtually all transmitters, regardless of brand, band or modulation. And It not only costs less than a new radio; it costs less than many receivers.

For ease, economy, choices and more fun, there’s nothing like Tx-R.

Tx-R Prime: More options for the more experienced pilot.

Tx-R Prime aircraft are designed for the well-equipped hobbyist who may not need every item included with Tx-R models. While the complete Tx-R packages include a battery pack and basic charger, Tx-R Prime aircraft let you supply those items yourself. You choose which battery to use — and save by using your existing charger, instead of buying a new one.

  • A brushless/LiPo power system provides plenty of muscle for easy takeoffs — even from short grass or snow — and exciting sport aerobatics. This magnetic hatch allows easy access to the battery for quick changes.
  • The Tidewater’s durable, factory-built AeroCell airframe screws together for fast, easy assembly without gluing.
  • The motor and propeller avoid water contact by being positioned above the wing. Their location also ensures pilot safety during hand launches.
  • Spanning less than 3-1/2 feet, the Tidewater fits fully assembled into virtually any car. If necessary, main sections can quickly be taken apart and reassembled at the flying site.
  • Wing tip floats are designed for superior water handling and install quickly without requiring any tools or screws.
  • Flyzone captures the look of full-size seaplanes in the Tidewater’s trim scheme. Its fuselage bottom is carefully contoured to reduce water spray and deliver excellent handling while taxiing and during takeoffs and landings.
The Tidewater Tx-R Prime includes:
  • Assembled, factory-finished airframe with tip floats and built-in motor pylon
  • Factory-installed 28-30-1300kV brushless outrunner motor, 30A ESC & servos
  • Factory-installed SLT receiver compatible with all SLT transmitters and the Tactic AnyLink2
Required to Complete:
  • 4-channel SLT transmitter — or — AnyLink2 & a compatible 4-channel transmitter
  • 11.1V 2200mAh LiPo battery
  • LiPo charger

  • Wingspan: 41.5 in (1055 mm)
  • Wing Area: 310 in² (20dm²)
  • Weight: 30-32 oz (850-905 g)
  • Wing Loading: 13.9-14.9 oz/ft² (42-45 g/dm²)
  • Length: 36 in (915 mm)

FAA registration required

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