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FMS F-15 V2 64mm Electric Ducted Fan Jet PNP

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Part Number: FMS-F15V2PNP

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FMS is pleased to announce the all new F15 Eagle that ruled the skies of America. The F15 was a twin engine all weather tactical fighter developed and designed by McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing) to gain and maintain air supremacy in aerial combat. FMS has scaled down the full size for scale model jet lovers. The new F-15 V2 now comes with an all new 64mm ducted fan and upgrades. Inspired by the superior features of the original model, version two (V2) has improved mechanical and structural features that will enhance air performance and decrease assembly time. The one piece fiber pipe greatly enhances the wing strength for enhanced flying maneuvers. Improved main wing set and landing gear installation optimizes strength of structure and reduces assembly time. The all new 11 blade, 64mm ducted fan generates more than 800 grams of thrust, thus improving the speed difference between the V1 and V2. If you possess the “need for speed,” accessories such as missiles can be removed to create a faster more streamlined model.

Upgrades & Features:

  • One piece 420mm long fiber pipe throughout the fuselage and main wing
  • Use of 4 inner-hexagon screws for main wing and landing gear installation
  • New more powerful 64mm, 11-blade ducted fan with up to 800 grams of thrust
  • New 2840-KV3150 motor
  • New Predator 40A ESC
  • Durable FMS EPO foam material for stronger, more impact-resistant planes
  • Environmentally friendly water-based paint minimizes blistering from sun
  • Pre-installed newly designed control horns allows more throw

Included with the package:

  • FMS F-15 V2 64mm Electric Ducted Fan Jet PNP x 1


  • Wingspan: 710mm/28in
  • Overall Length: 960mm/37.8in
  • Motor Size: Brushless 2840-KV3150
  • ESC: 40A
  • Servo: 9g Servo x 5
  • Radio: 4/6 Channel
  • CG (center of gravity): 88mm (From Leading Edge)
  • Power: 64mm EDF
  • Recommended Battery: Li-Po 14.8V 2200 to 2600mAh 25C
  • Approx. Flying Duration: 5 minutes
  • Material: Durable EPO
  • Flying Weight: Around 660g

Note: This is a PNP kit and requires Radio 4/6CH System, Battery and Charger. This is not a beginners model and requires expert level knowledge to operate and fly. We recommend flying in open areas free of obstacles.