Freewell Ir Nd Filter 5-Pack For DJI Inspire 2 X4S Camera Gimbal

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  • HD optical Glass with DOUBLE SIDE MULTILAYER coating to shoot 4K Videos
  • Easy grip on filter to install & uninstall aluminum alloy filter ring construction
  • Light weight with no negative effect on gimbal
  • Include IR ND4/IR ND8/IR ND16/IR ND32/ IR ND64,Protective case
  • Protect & suitable for lens of Inspire 2 Zenmuse X4S Camera


Freewell IR ND is industry first DJI Drone IR ND Filter it is made for professional for best film making experience. It is a hybrid combination of both an infrared control filter and a neutral density filter. An IRND is ideal for HD cameras, having inspire 2 zenmuse X4S filmmaking drone it is must to avoid even the least amount of IR pollution entering your camera sensors.

When using a standard neutral density filter you are actually filtering visible spectrum & not the infrared light, So you start to see a red/brown , So way to solve this is using IR ND. Freewell IR ND filter combines an ND filter with a comparable IR control filter to eliminate the spill of infrared light reaching the sensor while still maintaining the extra exposure benefits of a neutral density filter.

Each Freewell IR ND filter are made by razor sharp optical glass & highest available double side multilayer waterproof coating on each pc of glass offering 99% better transmission for 4K Cinema. Freewell filter ring made with top grade aluminum alloy with SOLID BLACK COLOR ring

Our 5Pack IR ND Filter covers all your need for cloudy condition to brightest condition by using IR ND4/IR ND8/IR ND16/IR ND32/ IR ND64.

* Freewell Multicoated IR ND Filter (3.2Grams) are constructed to reduce the light hitting the sensor , which slow down the cameras shutter speed. This creates a more natural looking motion blur that smooth out footage & helps reduce the appearance of "jello" effect from the cameras rolling shutter. The ND Filters can also be used for reducing lens flare while shooting into sun and for toning down highlights while filming outdoors.

  • IR ND4 (3.2Grams) : Cuts light by 2 stops (For cloudy day)
  • IR ND8 (3.2Grams) : Cuts light by 3 stops (For normal sunny day)
  • IR ND16 (3.2Grams) : Cuts light by 4 stops (For sunny day)
  • IR ND32 (3.2Grams) : Cuts light by 5 stops (for very bright sunny day)
  • IR ND64 (3.2Grams) : Cuts light by 6 Stops (for brightest condition)