FrSky STK Smart Tool Kit

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Upgrade FrSky receivers with S.Port easily with this new tool from FrSky. The S.Port Tool Kit or STK enables configuration of telemetry data and upgrade of your FrSky S.Port receiver. The STK has two connecting ports, S.Port 1 (upper) Monitors, receives and sets telemetry data for your S6R receiver and S.Port 2 (down) Upgrades S.Port products with easy DIP switch movement.

Easy to use, simply follow the links on the FrSky website, connect the receiver to the STK and plug the STK into your computer via the USB port. The FrSky STK updates all FrSKY receivers that support S.Port.


  • FrSky S.Port tool kit
  • Updates all FrSky receivers with S.Port
  • DIP switch to change function
  • Two connecting ports for telemetry and firmware upgrades
  • FrSky trusted quality and components

Included with the package:

  • FrSky STK Smart Tool Kit x 1


  • Usage:  Modify the physical ID and telemetry data rates
  • Compatible Sensors:  FrSky Smart Port enabled Sensors
  • Size: 60 x 17 x 7mm
  • Weight: 8.7g (including cable)

Note: Connect One sensor at one time to avoid physical ID conflicts.

How to upgrade S.Port products:

Get Driver Here

Get Software Here


  • Put the DIP switch to the down side
  • Connect the USB port of STK to the USB port of PC
  • Run “frsky_update_Sport.exe”, match the COM port number to the one assigned by PC. Click “File” button and select FW version
  • Connect the 3-wire S.Port cable to the S.Port 2 of STK and S.Port of upgraded product
  • After “device found, please click Download”, then click the “Download” button to start the upgrade
  • Exit the process by clicking “End” button after “Firmware is updated”.

Refer to S6R manual from FrSky website download section for how to monitor, receive and set the telemetry data Here

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