Futaba 14SGH 14-Channel 2.4GHz Computerized Radio Control Flight Transmitter with R7008SB FASSTest Telem


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Futaba proudly introduces the 14SG, the only 14-channel system with revolutionary 2.4GHz FASSTest technology. Its also compatible with Futaba FASST and S-FHSS protocols, so you can fly with virtually any 2.4GHz air receiver Futaba produces.


The 14SG can transmit and receive telemetry data. Install Futaba telemetry sensors (sold separately) to monitor flight data, receive alerts while in flight and more. Heli pilots will prefer the 14SGs 3-axis gyro support ù which makes the 14SG the perfect system for flybarless flight!


The innovations dont stop there. Turn the 14SG over, and youll see the construction is as rock-solid as any other Futaba system. Its also very comfortable to use, thanks to rubber grips that help minimize flyer fatigue ù an added bonus that pilots will appreciate.


The 14SG has so much to offer, we cant talk about everything here. To see everything that the 14SG can do, read on. . .