Futaba 6K V2 8-Channel S-FHSS T-FHSS Air System


Part Number: FU-10043543

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Updated Version 2 offers 8 channels of control!

To get the most radio for your money, check out the new 6K ù an easy-to-program flight system with versatile functions that include telemetry, S.Bus/S.Bus2 compatibility and 30 model memory. With Version 2 updates, its now a better value than ever. The NEW 6K is an 8-channel system with additional telemetry functions, expanded multicopter flight modes and much more.


New in the 6K Version 2:

Two additional channels


Channels 7/8 are used through the R3006SB receivers S.Bus/S.Bus2 ports

Allow for expansions or adding accessories

Can be assigned to any of the four switches or VR dial

Are included in Sub Trims, End Points, Reverse, Failsafe, Servo Monitor and Trainer

Expanded Flight Modes (Fly Mod) in multicopter programming


Priority ù toggle through five different values assigned to flight modes on an assigned channel

Matrix ù up to nine combinations using two, 3-position switches for controlling gimbals

Vibration alerts with timer functions and Throttle Integrate


SBS-01C current sensor and SBS-01V voltage sensor compatible