G.T. Power Bluetooth LiPo Battery Voltmeter Dongle w/ Universal Board (2S~6S)



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If you're looking for a better way to check your battery status, the G.T. Power Bluetooth Battery Care LiPo battery voltmeter dongle allows you to give capability of monitoring and analyzing the health status of your battery cell easily through mobile phone. This convenient device is compatible with Lithium batteries including Standard Lipo, High voltage Lipo, LiIon and LiFe. It accepts 2s to 6S packs by using included balance adapter board and harness. Simply connecting this dongle to battery's balance cable and downloading the APP, you can monitor the vital information such as battery capacity, operation time, times of charging and more on your mobile phone screen. Analyzing your battery has become easier than ever.

Hyperion 2S-6S multi-Adapter board (HP-EOSLBA-26XH-B) and adapter harness (HP-EOSLBA-26CBL) are included to accept 2S-6S LiPo batteries which have JST-XH type balance cable.

Note: Scan the QR code to install the APP of Blutooth dongle. Available for iOS and Android.

  • Battery Health Analysis
  • Battery capacity meter
  • Operation time
  • Times of charging
  • Times of discharging
  • Times of over discharging
  • Times of over charging
  • Reminders
  • 2S-6S capable (by using multi-adapter board and harness)
  • Support Batteries: LiPo / LiHV / Lilon / LiFe
  • Working Current of Module: 10mA
  • Stand by Current of Module: <50uA
  • Blue Indicator Light Flashes: Stand-by Status
  • Green Indicator Light Flashes: Connecting Status
  • Red Indicator Light Flashes: Display Error
Included with the package:
  • G.T. Power Bluetooth LiPo Battery Voltmeter Dongle x1
  • Dongle Connecting Harness cable for 6S x1
  • Hyperion Multi-Adapter board JST-XH type x1
  • Hyperion Harness for Multi-Adapter board x1
Buttons Instruction
  • Continuously press 3 seconds and then release, the Bluetooth dongle enter to dormancy status and connection would be broken.
  • Shortly press to activate the Bluetooth dongle and go to stand by status.
  • Never operate it under rainy, humid and dangerous environment in case of any accident.
  • Please place the battery and charger to the area that children could not touch when operate this product to check battery charging and even not under charging in case of any accident.
  • Don't exceed distance of Bluetooth connection (10m) when operate this product.
  • Follw the chart when connect the dongle to battery.