G.T.Power Car Engine Sound Simulated System



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G.T.Power Car Engine Sound Simulated System GT-170

This compact sound simulated system delivers up to 58 kinds of sound effects including engine, brake, relief valve and etc for your selection. Compact and lightweight system makes installing easy and simple. Built-in lower power AP saves power consumption so it doesn't affect the endurance of runnning time for RC car.


Built-in 58 kinds of sounds, fit for multiple types of RC car
Includes the sounds of engine, brake, Relief valve, dangerous alarm and so on.

All in one, easy to display and install
Easy to install with small size and simple to display.

Built-in high efficiency PA, lower power consumption to save power
Well performance of PA to save power, and does not affect the endurance of RC car. 10W max audio output power.

Free to set through parameter setting of software
Free to set the response time of throttle, the time of brake, auto.start and stop, sound's volume and so on through setting the software.

Package List
  • • Main control box x1
  • • Power connecting line x1
  • • Double side adhesive tape x2
  • • Y cable x1
  • • Instruction manual x1
  • • Power amplifier
    • ◦Input Voltage: 7-25V
    • ◦Max. current: 2A
  • • Controller connecting line
    • ◦Input voltage: 4.8-5.3V
    • ◦Max. current: 0.5A
  • • Audio output power: Max. 10W
  • • Sound box size
    • ◦Line length: 20cm
    • ◦2.0jst-XH connector
    • ◦L*W*H: 80*45*30mm