G7 5S 1800mAh Si-Graphene HvLi 90Cmax (4.35V)

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Hyperion quality products!

Hyperion, the leader in quality Lithium batteries for almost two decades, has just released a Lithium battery like no other; the Hyperion G7 HvLi Silicon-Graphene Pack performs at a whole new level. After more than two years of research the technology of the future is here. Hyperion G7 Si-Graphene HV LiPo offer more capacity per weight compared to standard LiPo packs. The G7 1800mAh HV is about the same size and weight as a standard-voltage 1620mAh pack of same C-rate, but delivers about 10% more flight time!

Silicon combined with Graphene makes for a superior electrode compared to standard LiPo batteries. Hyperion proprietary Si-Graphene chemistry ensures that your G7 pack will have higher-capacity, lower internal resistance, and longer cycle life than other-brand LiPo currently on the market. The G7 combines quality Graphene substrate with a Silicon metalloid to produce a Lithium battery that is uncompromised in performance and reliability. Hyperion’s proprietary Si-Graphene additive has been shown to be less prone to puffing than standard Silicon-only LiPo packs.

This new 2017 G7 Silicon-Graphene chemistry unleashes a new-era of potential for all your RC applications. The G7 5S, 1800mAh HvLi LiPo is specially designed for drone racing application. An important feature is the missing balance connector. Hyperion has improved on this and come up with an innovative solution. The balance connector is cleverly integrated and is now a part of the battery, taking away the extra wire mess and also saving on weight. The battery includes a detachable JST-XH balance connector extension, which can be used when connecting to a charger and safely removed before flying. Now say Goodbye to hanging Balance connectors and the problems that have long been associated with them!


  • Proprietary Si-Graphene formula increases discharge, capacity, and cycle-life
  • 10%+ More Capacity than standard LiPo Batteries
  • Stable High-voltage formula, less prone to puffing
  • Low internal resistance, cooler running batteries
  • High discharge rate, ability to provide current under-load
  • Fast charging up to 5C~6C rate
  • Compatible with both 4.2V and 4.35V chargers
  • Capable of 500+ Cycle-life
  • Integrated balance port
  • Detachable JST-XH balance connector extension included


  • Capacity @4.2V: 1620mah
  • Capacity @4.35V: 1800mah
  • Voltage: 5S, 19.0V nominal
  • Discharge Rate: 90Cmax (90C burst, 40~45C continuous)**
  • Charge Rate: 6C maximum, 5C recommended
  • Weight: 221g
  • Dimensions: 96 x 34 x 36mm
  • Power Connector: N/A
  • Balance Connector: JST-XH (Detachable)


  • Batteries can be shipped via FedEx only, Please choose this shipping method at check out process
  • This battery does not comes with a power connector and requires soldering of your choice of connector
  • These are HvLi (High Voltage) LiPo, always ensure your charger cut-off settings is set to 4.35v. Overcharging may cause risk of fire and damage to self/others and property. Also ensure storage mode is set to 3.9v per cell.

*ISO 9001 Quality Control to provide the excellent cycle life and consistency from pack to pack for which Hyperion is well known.

**Continuous C-Rate for 100% rated capacity delivery is 1/2 C-Max rate