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General Lubricating Oil (10g)


Part Number: HP-LUBEGNO

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Hyperion brings to you the General Purpose Lubricating Oil, available in a handy tube size of 10gm. This oil can be used for all your general purpose application. Now keep your equipment away from corrosion and well lubricated to avoid friction. Friction is an enemy of moving parts and generates heat or loss of control. A well lubricated part works efficiently and not prone to failure. Keep your motor bearings in healthy condition, just one tiny drop needed. Besides hobby use can be used for other applications too.

Hyperion General Purpose Lubricant is specially formulated and performs the following key functions:

  • Keep moving parts apart
  • Reduce friction
  • Transfer heat
  • Carry away contaminants & debris
  • Transmit power
  • Protect against wear & tear
  • Prevent corrosion
  • Seal for gases
  • Stop the risk of smoke and fire of objects
  • Prevent rust


  • High boiling point and low freezing point
  • High viscosity index
  • Thermal stability
  • Hydraulic stability
  • Demulsibility*
  • Corrosion prevention
  • High resistance to oxidation

Included with the package:

  • General Purpose Lubricating Oil (10g) x 1


  • Packing size: 10g

*-Demulsibility measures an oil’s ability to release water. Water shedding characteristics are important to lube oil systems that have potential to have direct contact with water. Demulsibility can be compromised by excessive water contamination or the presence of polar contaminants and impurities.