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Hyperion Abrasive Sanding Paper (150 grit) - A4 size

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Hyperion Abrasive Sanding Paper sheets give optimum product life when hand sanding and can be cut to fit most power sanders. Our Sandpaper sheets work well on many types of surfaces for medium to light-duty applications. And, all will give you the most out of each sheet. They're a good choice for getting rid of blemishes and for shaping and leveling wood. Hand-sanding products give you a lighter touch for woodworking and finishing. You have better control and can sand areas that a power sander can't reach. With proper technique, the scratches align with the wood grain and are less visible. Sandpaper for hand sanding comes in A4 SIZE sheets you can cut to the size you need. You can use sandpaper for both hand sanding and power sanding. Proper sanding creates the best finishes, whether you're working with wood, metal or any other material requiring smooth finish. Open-coated with empty space on the backing, giving waste material room to accumulate without reducing performance. Since they don't clog as quickly, they're effective for power sanding.

The grit number of a sanding product indicates the size of the abrasive particles. The lower the number, the larger the abrasive particles — they remove more material but create more noticeable scratches. A higher number indicates smaller particles which don't remove as much material but leave a finer, more polished appearance. Sanding projects use several grit sizes, starting with lower-number grits and moving up the scale to finer, higher-number grits. Each higher grit removes scratches from the previous grit, creating an increasingly smooth surface.

Available in 120, 150, 180, 240 & 320 Grit numbers to choose from, select as per application requirement. Detail information given at the end of this page for proper selection of Sand paper according to Grit #.


  • Open coated for effective sanding
  • #150 grit used for hand sanding and power sanding
  • Flexible backing with more consistent scratch pattern
  • Excellent flexibility for finishing and polishing plastics, metal and coatings
  • Good for Dry sanding applications such as scuffing paint, fine featheredging
  • Available in medium, fine and extra fine grits

Included with the package:

  • Hyperion Abrasive Sanding Paper (150 grit) - A4 size x 1


  • Type: Paper coated
  • Size: 11"x9" (280x230 mm)
  • Grit #: 150

How to use Sandpaper for best results:

Good technique helps create a successful finishing project:

  • Practice on scrap wood or surfaces that aren't easily visible to get the feel for how an abrasive or sanding tool removes material
  • Use the finest grit size that will handle the task, but follow the correct sequence. Skipping a grit number won't save time. You'll spend more time sanding with the next grit
  • Power sanding requires a slower pace than hand sanding. Moving a sander too quickly creates scratches that are especially visible when you're staining wood
  • Don't press down when using a power sander. Too much pressure creates a poor finish and removes less material than if you let the tool and paper do the work. Use a new piece of sandpaper if a light touch doesn't get the right results
  • Between each grit number, clean off dust and loose abrasive from the work piece. Vacuum the surface or wipe it down

Understanding Sandpaper Grit Numbers:

Grit numbers from 36 to 100 are good for removing material and work well with power sanders. Applications include:

  • Stripping away finishes such as paint or varnish
  • Removing rust on metals or flaws in wood
  • Leveling and shaping wood

Grit numbers from 100 to 180 perform well with both hand sanding and power sanding, preparing bare surfaces for finishes. This range is good for:

  • Smoothing work pieces
  • Removing scratches
  • Final preparation for finishing

Grit numbers from 180 to 320 work for finishing. Hand sanding is good for these applications:

  • Removing raised wood grain fibers
  • Scuffing between finish coats