Hyperion is the fastest growing Radio Control Hobby Supplier and Manufacture in the World, with offices in over five Countries and expanding.

Hyperion is looking for unique and talented individuals to join our team, if you are a person with extensive knowledge in the RC field, creative, detail-orientated, and self-driven, then we have a bright job opportunity for you.

If you are interested in joining us, please submit your latest resume here.


Product Technician

Location: ShenZhen, and TBD

Job Requirements:

  • Experience in radio control flight is a must
  • Engineering background is a plus
  • Semi-fluent in English a plus
  • Mandarin and Cantonese language a plus
  • Strong technical skills with electronics
  • Strong technical skills with drones and multirotors
  • Ability to troubleshoot and QC products
  • Conduct market research and give product feedback
  • Provide customer service
  • Work with suppliers to provide technical feedback
  • Ability to write product instruction manuals in Chinese
  • Ability to translate product descriptions from English/Japanese to Chinese
  • Ability to translate product descriptions from English/Japanese to Chinese
  • Very detailed orientated
  • This person must be self-driven and pro-active, always looking for new opportunities or work to accomplish
  • Competent in Microsft word and excel


Hyperion 是一家正在快速发展中的无线摇控产品制造供应商,目前我司的分公司遍布日本、美国等五个国家和地区,并在不断拓展之中。

公司的进一步发展急需组建更强的团队,现诚招更多的人才,如果您对无线摇控产品有深入的了解和独具一格的创新想法,并积极主动地想要找到属于自己的团队进而实现梦想,我们可以提供给您尽情施展才华的理想平台和机会,HYPERION 期待您的加入!

有意者请将个人简历发电子邮件至 这里, 合则约见。



地区: 深圳


  • 大专学历,英语书面,口语能力良好者优先(能力佳者可放宽要求)
  • 具备良好的人际交往能力和解决问题能力。
  • 积极主动,具有强烈的求知欲
  • 团队协作能力强,抗压能力以及适应力强
  • 在无线电子,摇控(RC)玩具,多轴飞行器等相关领域有经验者优先考虑,会飞多轴无人机最佳
  • 有工程师经验优先考虑
  • 对电子产品有浓厚兴趣,对电子行业有深入了解,喜欢专研探究,把玩拆解电子产品,可以使用各种仪器对电子产品进行测试,通过分析测试结果给出合理建议
  • 关注行业最新动态和最新出品,给出敏捷的采购建议,同时传达市场反馈。必要时通过邮件,电话,在线的方式给全球客户提供产品咨询、技术支持等售后客户服务。