Hyperion FPV RGB LED Race Hoop Gate w/Controller (Large / 50cm diameter)



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Now race all year round, AND get ready to build your ultimate multi-color LED drone racing course inside your house/hall with the Hyperion Multi-color LED Circular Gates!

The new and innovative Hyperion Indoor Drone Racing Hoop comes in a large 50cm diameter size with Multi-color Glowing Led’s and remote control. The possibilities are endless! You can now create your own indoor racing track with hundreds of lighting effects, taking advantage of the LED remote controller you can easily program this Racing Gate in seconds. This large 50cm Drone Racing Hoop is best suited for both beginners and high-speed, experienced pilots, as they provide ample room to fly and allow for the largest margin of error.

This Race Gate features high-quality Light-emitting-diodes embedded inside a Transparent Nylon tube which provides protection against impacts during flight. The included Polycarbonate clamp mount can attach to many different surfaces and objects, and the XT-60 power connector can connect to any 3S battery you've got laying around. The gates are easy to setup and installs in minutes with the included Nylon Tee-connector, simply roll the tube and connect to the Tee-connector to form a circle. Then, use the polycarbonate clamp to hold the Race gate, so you can mount it to a wall or table top. Just use any 3S lipo (12vDC) and you are ready to start racing! Use multiple Racing gates together to design a race track that’s more beautiful, and more challenging than ever before.

Rain, sleet, or snow these Multi-color LED Race gates will keep you flying all year long. Race with friends in Style!


  • Transparent Nylon tube 50cm diameter
  • Super bright Multi-color Led strip with controller
  • Powers off a 3S Lipo and comes with male XT60 connector preinstalled
  • 258 lighting effects via included controller
  • Change light color & pattern via remote easily
  • Easy to install with included Tee-connector, not tools needed
  • Works right out of the box, just add power (3S Lipo / DC12v)
  • Mount to multiple surfaces/objects with included clamp

Included with the package:

  • Hyperion FPV RGB LED Race Hoop Gate (Large / 50cm diameter) x 1
  • LED Remote Controller x 1
  • Clamp Mount x 1

LED Gate Specifications:

  • Circle gate: 50cm diameter
  • Transparent Nylon Tube: 14mm outer dia., 12mm inner dia.
  • LED Light: 10 section 30/m WS2811 Symphony light bar
  • Light source: SMD 5050RGB LED
  • LED Strip Plate: FPCB (Flexible Printed Circuit Board)
  • IC model: WS2811, (1 meter 10 IC, 1 IC control 3 LED lights)
  • Grayscale: 256, (1m 10 pixels)
  • LED Quantity: 30 lights / m, every 3 lights per group
  • Light angle: 120 °
  • Light color: White, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green(Changeable via controller)
  • Operating voltage: 3S LiPo / DC 12V
  • Power: 7.2W ± 10% / m
  • Waterproof rating: IP65
  • FPCB board size: width: 10 mm, thickness: 3mm
  • FPCB color: white

Remote Specifications:

  • Operating voltage: 3V with CR2025
  • Operating current: <10 mA
  • Working temperature: -20degC - 60degC
  • Size: L29 * W12 * H3 mm
  • Weight: 0.02kg
  • Effect mode: 258, covering all Symphony controller effects on the market
  • Operation: 14 keys multi-function RF wireless remote control (433.92MHZ)
  • Maximum control points: 2048 points


  • Remote control distance: 50 meters wide

Caution: Do not power with 4S or higher. Use only 3S lipo (DC 12v) power supply only.

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