Hyperion Sentry Mini Charger, Discharger, & Battery Checker



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Protect your investment by properly storing your LiPo batteries, EASILY!

It's imperative that all LiPo's be stored at 3.7v to 3.8v when not in use. Any time a LiPo battery is fully-charged for extended amounts of time (this could collectively be hours, days, or weeks), the Anode inside the battery naturally oxidizes, decays, and thus longevity and cell-performance is lost.

Storing your LiPo batteries accordingly will give more cycle-life and save you money in the long run.
After multiple years of in-house development we've released the first-of-its-kind Super Quick Discharging solution meant to discharge and balance LiPo's easier and quicker than any other tool in the market.

Finally a "Plug-n-Forget" battery storage solution that boasts up to 390 watts Discharging power, the Sentry Mini Charger & Discharging tool is like none other. In the past, Discharging batteries took hours or days, and then sometimes these devices would accidentally over-discharge and leave your packs fully-drained due to parasitic draw while idle, but not the Sentry Mini Discharger!

Just connect the Discharge and walk away indefinitely, now there's finally a tool that allows you to efficiently and effortlessly discharge your packs without hassle.

The Hyperion Sentry is not only the most powerful Discharger tool available today, but also functions as 50 watt Mini LiPo/HvLi Charger, and is LiPo - HvLi - LiIon - NiCd - NiMh Battery Checker.

The Battery Checker will graphically shows at a glance the remaining capacity in your battery packs, cell balance, cell voltages and difference between the cells. The Sentry Mini Charger and Discharger provides you with all information and tools necessary to maintain and keep your packs performing. Avoid costly mistakes and increase battery reliability by using a high-quality battery checker.

• 2S ~ 6S Lithium Discharging Compatible: Up to 390 watt Discharging power for LiPo and HvLi
• No Parasitic mah Draw when idle HvLi/LiPo
• Charger: 50 watts, or 2.0 Amps max (whichever is less)
• 2S ~ 8S Lithium Battery compatible with HvLi LiPo, Standard LiPo, Li-Ion and LiFe
• 4S ~ 8S Ni-Cd/MH batteries support
• Battery Checker Displays the total battery pack voltage and a percentage bar graph for estimated remaining capacity.
• View screens for Minimum and Maximum cell voltages, and voltage difference between max and minimum cell.
• Convenient Balance and Discharge function.
• Clear display and easy-to-use menu.
• Discharger Powered from the battery pack you connect. No auxiliary batteries/power supply needed for device.

Maximum Discharging Specifications, short pulse-time.
• 2S HvLi: 131watts (15 Amps)
• 3S HvLi: 196watts (15 Amps)
• 4S HvLi: 261watts (15 Amps)
• 5S HvLi: 326watts (15 Amps)
• 6S HvLi: 392watts (15 Amps)
• 7S HvLi: Disabled
• 8S HvLi: Disabled

*0.05V Cell Balance Tolerance.
*This battery checker is compatible with JST-XH balance adapters