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Hyperion TPU Motor Gripper Handle w/ Traction

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The new motor gripper from Hyperion will make your propeller changes a lot easier. This flexible T-shaped strip is designed to wrap around the motor body and use traction method to grip the motor so that you can change / replace propellers effortlessly without damaging the motor. 3D printed from flexible TPU plastic this tool is very durable and will last longer than any propellers. A must have tool for the drone racing pilots.


  • 3D printed from TPU plastic material
  • Traction method to grip motor body
  • T-shaped for easy gripping
  • Fits most 2204 / 2205 motors
  • Easy to use

Included with the Package:

  • Hyperion TPU Motor Gripper Handle w/Traction x 1


  • Material: TPU
  • Dimension:123x47.5x22.5mm
  • Weight:7g

Usage Tip: Wrap the gripper around the outer shell and gently grip the T shaped handle and angular shaped end together until you get a tight feeling.