Hyperion USB Rechargable LED Pit Table Lamp Light



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Looking for the perfect lighting for your workbench or workshop table, Hyperion's USB Rechargable LED Pit Table Lamp is sure to impress you. Desk lights are perfect for task lighting. They not only help you focus on your work, but also create an ambience for working hours. A good desk light will help you work for hours without straining your eyes. Task lights are especially useful if you are working on art and crafts. These desk lights have varying lighting capacities and come with LED bulbs that are low on power consumption, yet create a powerful light effect.

This LED lamp features an innovative folding design and is sleek and compact. Unlike other brands which need to be fixed or clamped, this lamp stands firm on its clever designed broad base. Thus making it portable to be carried anywhere. Power ON/OFF is simply done by the touch sensitive button. The most important feature of this lamp is brightness control and offers 3 modes, changed by touch button. The table lamp has built in rechargeable battery, which can be charged using any USB port including power bank and mobile charger. USB cable is included. The lamp runs for around 4 hours on a fully charged battery. Colour - White (As shown in the picture).


  • Compact and Sleek Folding design
  • High capacity rechargeable battery
  • 3 light modes to suit your room temperature
  • Single touch button control for Power ON/OFF and Mode
  • Charge using any USB port, power bank or mobile charger
  • 4 hrs endurance on a full charge

Included with the package:

  • Hyperion USB Rechargable LED Pit Table Lamp x 1


  • Material: ABS
  • Input Voltage: DC 5V
  • Max Power: 4W
  • Light Illumination: 150LM
  • Light Color Temp*: 3000-6500K
  • Battery Capacity: 2000mAh
  • Dimensions: 50x630x270mm

* - The three primary types of color temperature for light bulbs are:

  • Soft White (2700K – 3000K)
  • Bright White/Cool White (3500K – 4100K)
  • Daylight (5000K – 6500K)

Note: The higher the Degrees Kelvin, the whiter the color temperature. Although the whiter lights will appear “brighter” than those of a lower Kelvin reading, the amount of Lumens (measurement for brightness) does not change, and true brightness is not affected.