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Hyperion Local Data Unit (LDU)

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Part Number: HP-EM2-LDU

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HP-EM2-LDU is an inexpensive alternative to the RDU unit, for bench testing.It must be connected to the Emeter Ⅱ during test runs. It has the full functionality of the RDU, except for the Height (altitude) indicator.


  • • Dimensions: 31 x 26 x 13.4mm
  • • Weight: 24g (according to wire length)
  • • Can be used without Emeter
  • • PC software required to read data (software is free)
  • • Logs at bench while connected to Emeter or PC via USB Adapter (TI-PRGUSB)
  • • Records to Emeter/PC: Current Voltage Watts
  • • Optional External Sensors: Temp1,2 and 3 along with Reliable Phase Tachometer for Brushless Motors
  • • Sample rates from 4 samples per second to 8 seconds per sample
  • • Firmware upgradable by Emeter with SD card installed or by PC application
  • • (logging with LDU direct to PC requires Emeter Ⅱ Suite installation)

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