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Hyperion Power Input Cable for Emeter2

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Part Number: HP-EM2-PWRCBL

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Hyperion keeps you connected!

This is a Spare/Replacement power input cable for charging the internal battery of the Hyperion Emeter 2.

Comes with a 4.5mm barrel connector on one side, the other side is pre tinned for soldering connector of your choice.

Included with the package:

  • • Emeter2 Power Input Cable x 1


  • • Connector: 4.5mm Barrel

Note: Please use a DC power source 12-15V with minimum 0.1A current rating. (eg a Mains wall charger or a car battery)

Caution: Always confirm the polarity when connecting to DC power sources.(eg.Red is '+' positive and Black is '-' negative)"