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Align 3G Link Cable AL-HEP3GF02

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Part Number: AL-HEP3GF02

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New! Update software V3.0 for Align 3G is now available.
Here are some updates for the new version V3.0:

1. Optimized swashplate routine for smoother aileron and elevator movements.
2. Improved pirouetting self-compensation routine, for more axial pirouette and pirouette flip maneuvers.
3. Added low heads speed stability feature for more solid auto-rotations.
4. Added swashplate forward compensation feature to improve tracking during high speed forward flights, and improve stability during collective pitch movements.
5. Optimize stability of smaller helicopters, dramatically improve the 3G system stability when installed on smaller helicopters.
6. Optimized helicopter rudder routine, with more stable rudder hard stops and reduced bouncing effect. In addition, rudder has more symmetrical speed during left and right pirouettes, with excellent locking ability.