Hyperion G3 500mAh 35C/65C 7.4V 2S PACK UMX Type LiPo Battery

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Hyperion quality products!

The G3 packs are made with a new Hybrid RS construction technology, super-fine substrate materials, rigorous ISO 9001 Quality Control, and final cell matching process, which all guarantee you not only this superb performance, but also tightly-balanced and long-lasting packs. The G3 LiPo come in three series. The "VX" 35C series is the one for applications that need the high voltage maintained at high discharge rates; for example highly aerobatic 3D airplanes and helicopters.


  • Voltage(V):7.45
  • Capacity(mAh): 500
  • DischargeWire Size: 22 awg
  • BalanceConnector: yes
  • Disc. WireL(mm): 40
  • DischargeConnector: UMX
  • Length(mm): 47.0
  • Width(mm): 24.6
  • Height(mm): 13.7
  • Weight(g): 27.82

See the Manuals and Support Tab for more details for full specifications and usage guidelines

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