Graupner PRX-3A Receiver Power Supply ( 4135 )

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An highly developed power supply for receiver units with intelligent power management. The unit ensures a stabilized and adjustable power supply for the receiver. Mostly it is suitable for various receiver batteries. It guarantees uncomplicated use in a broad range of applications. Whenever the PRX is switched on via the safety on/off switch, it remains switched on until it is explicitly switched off even if the switch is defective.


  • Battery Type : LiPO/LiFe/LiION 2cells NiMH/NiCd 5~6cells
  • Input voltage : 4V to 9V (stable operation is not possible below 4V)
  • Max. input voltage : 12V
  • Bias current : Approx. 0.3µA(switched off)
  • Max. continuous current : Approx. 3A (for 1 min. for LiPo 5.9V)
  • Max. peak current : Approx. 10A (for 1 sec. for LiPo 5.9V) Approx. 20A (for 100 msec. for LiPo 5.9V)
  • Dimensions : 60 x 20 x 20 mm
  • Weight : 31g