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T-Motor MN2214 920KV Antigravity (4pc/set) TM-MN2214-AN

Old Price: $74.97

Special Price: $37.49

Part Number: TM-MN2214-AN

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T-Motor MN 2214 anti-gravity series motor is an upgraded version(For DJI PHANTOM Motor Upgrade), which features a higher effectiveness and optimal consumption. It comes with 2pcs of CW screw motors and 2pcs of CCW screw motors in box.


  • Perfectly upgrade
  • High load & efficiency
  • Best choice for 400 - 450 multi-rotor copters
  • Tuned without vibrations
  • 15% more power
  • 8% less consumption - longer flight
  • EZO9 series of ball bearings
  • CW and CCW adapters-propeller can't unscrew