Graupner HGM SOR BBMG High-Voltage Brushless Digital Servo ( 94052 )

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Designed for the needs of surface drivers who need performance and reliability without compromise, the Graupner HGM SOR Torque High-Voltage Brushless is a universal racing servo ideally suited for 1:8 or 1:10 buggy type models..

The HGM series are digital servos optimized for high voltage (7.4V) and designed around a high performance brushless motor, precision cut metal gears, metal heat sink and water resistance making them the perfect workhorse under demanding track conditions.

HGM servos provide speed and holding power with low dead band technology for extra security and precision. HGM servos can be programmed with the PC-based GM SERVO software and can be set for compatibility with the Sanwa SSR mode (Sanwa Super Response).


  • Compatible with Sanwa SSR mode (Sanwa Super Response)
  • High-Voltage Brushless Motor
  • Five times longer-lasting than normal servos
  • 30% faster response times than brushed servos
  • Low current consumption equivalent of 5.0V class Digital Servo
  • Programmable Digital Circuit and SMT circuitry
  • 2048 high resolution
  • Supports 1-16µ depending on programming
  • Wide range of frame rate 20Hz-400Hz
  • 12-bit processing circuit (at least twice resolution comparing to 10-bit processing circuit)

Included with the package:

  • Graupner HGM SOR BBMG High-Voltage Brushless Digital Servo x 1
  • Horn set


  • Category: BLDC High Voltage
  • Type: Digital
  • Motor: BLDC
  • Speed:
    • @4.8V: 0.16 Sec/60
    • @6.0V: 0.14 Sec/60
    • @7.4V: 0.11 Sec/60
  • Torque:
    • @4.8V: 116.67
    • @6.0V: 145.83
    • @7.4V: 173.61
  • Gear: Metal
  • Bearing: 2BB
  • Connector type: JR
  • Size: 1.57 x 0.77 x 1.01 in
  • Weight: 70g / 2.47 oz
  • Horn size: Ø 6 (25T)

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