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Graupner HBM 690 BBMG High-Speed Digital Servo

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Part Number: GR-S4071

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Graupner servos are equipped with all-metal parts, the Graupner HBM 690 BBMG High-Speed High-Voltage Brushless Digital Servo provides a high level of reliability under extreme conditions with consistent control input performance. Optimized for high voltage (7.4V), all the HBM servos are specially designed around a high performance brushless motor, precision cut metal gears, metal heat sink and metal case. Providing speed and holding power with low dead-band technology for extra reliability and precision, the HBM 690 BBMG can be programmed to meet your unique specifications via the free Graupner Servo Setup Software. Though usage is universal across all model types, the Graupner HBM 690 BBMG High Speed best suited as a swash and tail servo for 500-600 class helicopters.


  • High Voltage Brushless Motor
  • Full aluminum body for Heat dissipation
  • Five times longer-lasting & running time
  • 30% faster response times than brushed servos
  • Low current consumption equivalent to 5.0V class Digital Servo
  • PC Programmable Digital Circuit and SMT circuitry
  • 2048 high resolution
  • Supports 1-16µ depending on programming
  • Wide range frame rate 20Hz-400Hz
  • 12-bit processing circuit (at least twice resolution comparing to 10-bit processing circuit)

Included with the package:

  • Graupner HBM 690 BBMG High-Speed Digital Servo x 1
  • Horn set


  • Category: Brushless High Voltage
  • Type: Full metal body, Digital
  • Motor: Brushless
  • Speed:
    • 4.8V: 0.12 Sec/60
    • 6.0V: 0.10 Sec/60
    • 7.4V: 0.08 Sec/60
  • Torque:
    • 4.8V: 55.56
    • 6.0V: 69.44
    • 7.4V: 83.33
  • Gear: Metal
  • Bearing: 2BB
  • Heat sink: All Metal body
  • Connector type: JR
  • Size: 1.38 x 0.63 x 1.39 in
  • Weight: 42g / 1.51 oz
  • Horn size: Ø 6(25T)