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Power Disc Dual BEC for GPD-1000 series

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Part Number: GD-GSR-5030DM

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Power Disc BEC (GSR-5030DM) 5V,12V Dual BEC for Multicopter .

The Gryphon Power Disc Dual BEC. Dual voltage BEC regulator designed for Multirotors systems. It accepts voltages inputs from 14.4V up to 30V(4~7 LiPo Cells), and has 2 independant BEC outputs. User selectable 5.6~8.4V, 5A on BEC1 output (For Camera, Retractable landing gears, Gimbal servos,flight controllers…) And 12V, 3.5A on BEC 2 output (Camera, Video Transmitter, LEDs..)


  • Main PCB: 1 EA
  • Power Output Molex Connector Cable(L=30cm): 11 EA
  • PCB Post Female-Female 3 x 5mm: 4 EA
  • PCB Post Female-Female 3 x 10mm: 4 EA
  • Socket button head screw M3 x 5mm: 8 EA
  • Socket button head screw M3 x 12mm: 4 EA
  • Power Input Molex Connector Cable Ass'y: 1 EA


  • Input voltage: 14.4V~30V(3~7 LiPo Cells)
  • Output voltage: BEC1=5.6V 6.0V 7.4V 8.4V Selectable/BEC2=12.0V
  • Output current: BEC1=5A(Continuous) @ 22.2V/ BEC2=3.5A(Continuous) @ 22.2V
  • Size: (?)100mm x (H)11mm
  • Weight: 28g (Exc. Cables)