Graupner Servo Horn Set for DES -7xx/8xx/939 servo ( 7909-6 )

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"This is the Spare/Replacement servo horns and accessories set for use with the Graupner DES 7xx/8xx & HBS/HVS series servo's. Includes different servo arms and accessories as contained in the original servo package.

Compatible with below Graupner DES 7xx/8xx & HBS/HVS series servos only.

  • DES 707 BB, MG servo
  • DES 708 BB, MG servo
  • DES 804 BB servo
  • DES 805 BB servo
  • DES 806 BB, MG servo
  • DES 807 BB, MG servo
  • DES 808 BB, MG servo
  • HVS 939 BB, MG servo
  • HBS 760 BB servo
  • HBS 770 BB, MG servo
  • HBS 790 BB, MG servo

Included with the package:

  • Servo accessory DES 7xx/8xx & HBS/HVS servo

Note: The Horns and accessories shown are suitable for servos as shown in list above. Please confirm your servo # before checkout."