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Graupner Servo Gear Set for HBS 870 BB MG ( 7991-2 )

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Part Number: GR-7991-2

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Replace your stripped, damaged gears easily with this replacement kit for Graupner HBS 870 BB MG Servos.

Includes a complete replacement set of Light metal gears with one platic gear*. The metal gears are extremely tough and machined with very tight specifications having zero back-lash, resulting in quiet, smooth operation and extended long-life.

The replacement gear set effectively doubles your servos life!

Included with the package:

  • Gear Set for Graupner HBS 870 BB MG Servo x 1


  • Material: Light Metal

Note: *The metal gears offer much more strength in general, but if all of them are metal then the weakest link becomes the arm, the horn, or the control surface itself. One plastic gear helps reduce the chance of snapping your elevator in half, but still allows greater strength from the remaining metal gears. The plastic gear also eliminates electrical isolation, as the motor's armature is poorly grounded through the bearings, any RF noise it produces could travel through an all metal gear train to the servo output arm (and any metal parts attached to it). "