Fatshark PilotHD V2 720p Micro HD camera

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With over 10 years of excellence, Fat Shark is the leading brand in R/C FPV systems.

This is the newest version of the Fatshark Pilot HD. This camera has improved reaction to changing lighting conditions. The DVR also has improved preformace to get rid of lagging issues found in the previous DVR. Still has the same look just improved preformance.

The PilotHD packs a whollop of performance into its tiny 27x25x23mm size. This 720p HD camera records 30 fps at an impressive 15Mbps and is equipped with a 1/2.5” 5MP imager usually only found on full sized HD cameras. The metal cased shell ensures it will survive impacts while minimizing RF interference with RC controls. For lightweight applications, the camera case can be removed to drop its weight from 33g to 11g.

The FPV specific features include real time analog out (NTSC or you can change to PAL by software), no automatic shutdown under any circumstances, large FOV and a tiny RF signature (UHF RC controller friendly).

Camera board

  • 1/2.5” 5MP digital CMOS imager
  • 720p (1280x720)/ 30 fps/ 15Mbps
  • AVI file: MJPG compression
  • MicroSD support to 32Gb card
  • Power: 5V (powered off TX)
  • Power consumption: 250mA @5V
  • NTSC analog live out


  • 3.6mm IR coated
  • 120°diagonal FOV (ideal for fixed camera)


  • Metal cased: square (27 x 25 x 23mm)
  • Lens extrude from case: 12mm x 14mm diameter
  • Weight: 33g(11g uncased)