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Y22 Short Motor for 1/18th Car (5000Kv)

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Part Number: HP-YC22S-5000

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The new Y-Series Hyperion 2-pole, high-rpm motors have it all; they are specifically designed to virtually drop-in replace "Speed 300" Mabuchi 370 motors. Motor diameter, mount spacing and screw size match S300 for perfect fit in GWS and other "300" class gearboxes, GWS EDF-55/64, WemoTec Micro, and Alpha Models Ducted Fans. Bearing boss is 9mm to fit in tight spaces, but includes 10mm spacer to secure the motor in 400-class gearboxes as well.

From front to back, only the highest quality materials and components are used. For example, the high-speed, shielded stainless bearings in the Z Series are made by NMB Japan; expensive for Hyperion to install, but well worth it for smoothness and longevity.

The "YC" car versions have closed ends, to keep out dirt and water...

Y22 Short Motor
Stator Diam. mm 22
Weight g 48g
Outside Diameter mm 24.3
Length mm 30
Output Shaft Diameter mm 2
Mount Screw Diameter mm M3, M2.5
HP-Y22 S Motor Constants
KV(rpm/v) Ri (mΩ) Io(@8.4v)A
6000 49 2.20A±0.20
5000 71 1.70A±0.20
4200 102 1.29A±0.20
3600 124 0.99A±0.20
2850 184 0.79A±0.20

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