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Align 500L Metal Shapely Reinforcement Plate And Brace Assembly AL-H50B010XX

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Part Number: AL-H50B010XX

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Fits T-REX 500L. Brand new CNC metal reinforcement plate and brace compare with frame mounting bolt effectively increase the torsional stength of main frame, under extreme 3D maneuver, you can strongly feel its solid reinforcement from its structure.


  • Shapely Reinforcement Brace, right-side x 1 pc
  • Shapely Reinforcement Brace, left-side x 1 pc
  • 500L Front Frame Mounting Bolt (M2.5x47mm) x 1 pc
  • Socket Screw (M3x8mm) x 4 pcs
  • Socket Screw (M2.5x8mm) x 2 pcs