ImmersionRC SpiroNet 5.8GHz LHCP Patch Antenna


Part Number: IMR-SNAN5G8P-L

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With groundbreaking products and technology, ImmersionRC brings you a more immersive FPV experience.


  • The FPV'ers Antenna
    • The SpiroNET 5.8GHz circular polarized patch antenna from ImmersionRC adds some serious range to 5.8GHz FPV systems.
    • Available in RHCP, and LHCP variants.
    • 5.8GHz Band, 13dBi gain
    • 35 degree Beam Width (H+V)
    • F/B Ratio > 35dB, VSWR < 1:1.35 @ Center Frequency
    • Circular Polarization
    • Fully protected against the elements
    • Individually tested
    • Greatly increase usable range compared with a traditional antenna
  • Pair with an Uno5800
    • An ideal match, the SpiroNET 5.8GHz Patch, with the Uno5800 A/V receiver. (Part#: IMR-UNO5800V4)
    • Mount the Uno directly on the back of the Patch to eliminate cable losses, and for a dream system, guide the antenna using the new EzAntennaTracker v2. (Part#: IMR-EZANTRKV2)
  • Fly With Friends
    • Two variants of the SpiroNET 5.8GHz Patch antennas is available. The original right-hand circular polarized antenna (with the white back, Part#: IMR-SNAN5G8P-R), and the new left-hand version (with the black back, Part#: IMR-SNAN5G8P-L).
    • When flying with friends, fly alternate channels with alternate polarization to decrease inter-model interference.


  • Frequency: 5.8GHz Band
  • Polarization: Left-hand circular polarized
  • Beam: 35 degrees (H+V)
  • F/B Ratio: >35dB
  • VSWR: <1:1.35 @ Center frequency
  • Impedance: 50 ohms
  • Mounting Holes: 4x M3, 32mm between hole centers
  • Dimensions: 92mm(L) x 10mm(W) x 92mm(H)
  • Weight: 53g