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FeiyuTech FY-G4 3-Axis Handheld Steady Gimbal (Gold)

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Part Number: FY-G4-GIMBAL-G

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Feiyu Tech, manufacturer of professional handheld gimbal stabilization systems.

Combined with Feiyu's high-tech and machinery, the Feiyu G4 handheld gimbal carrying sports camera is more portable and flexible.

Simple operation with only one button for mode selection, makes it easy for one hand operations.

Pictures and videos can be captured clearly and steadily with the Feiyu G4 handheld gimbal.

Benefiting from the power of technology, follow your heart to experience more joy and extreme sports with Feiyu G4 handheld gimbal, and record splendid memories.


  • Improved 3-Axis motorized gimbal
  • Compatible with GpPro HERO4, HERO3+, and HERO3
  • Offers the interfaces for power supply and video output
  • Easy to use (4 modes with single button operation)
  • Automatic calibration after powering on
  • LED battery level indicator
  • Easy to connecct the extension bar without a special switch
  • Thumbscrew retaining design keeps camera secure

Function Instructions:

  • Heading Following Mode — Pitch and roll locking, heading smooth rotation follow the direction of the handheld gimbal
  • Heading And Pitch Following Mode — Roll locking, heading and pitch smooth rotation follow the direction of the handheld
  • Locking Mode — Heading, pitch and roll locking
  • Special Working Condition (Inversion Mode) — When in any working mode, press the function button for three times, the Gimbal enter into the inversion mode and switch to the Heading following mode automatically. Invert the Gimbal to capture more excited scenes easily by switching mode combination. When in inversion working condition, press the function button for three times to reset the Gimbal back to the original state

Operating Skill:

  • Smooth And Steady Filming: Handheld the Gimbal, keep stable for movement, keep light and steady for walking
  • How To Adjust The Pitching Angle: Double press the function button to enter into “Heading And Pitch Follow” mode. Hold the Gimbal at the desired angle, then press the button once to reengage “Heading Follow ” Mode in order to lock the angle of desired pitch
  • Selfie: Turn the Gimbal 180° so the function interface is facing you, then simply adjust the angle of pitch to the desired angle by utilizing the “Heading and Pitch Follow” Mode which described above and then switch back to “Heading Follow"" Mode. Once complete you can film yourself with ease
  • Flexible Use Of Inversion Mode: Press the function button for three times in succession, the Gimbal switch to the inversion mode and help to captured low angle view more easily. If filming with moving forward at a high speed, keep the handle roughly parallel with the ground will be helpful

Initialization Instructions:

  • 1. Install the camera properly
  • 2. Gimbal placed on stationary flat and keep motionless
  • 3. Power on the Gimbal
  • 4. The Gimbal is activated and it will initialize automatically. Pick up the Gimbal to work normally.

FY-G4 needs to be initialized whenever the following situations appear after power on:

  • 1. After power on, the angle of pitch is not level with the horizon line
  • 2. After power on, the angle of roll is not parallel with the horizon line
  • 3. When the gimbal is in heading lock, the angle of heading moves frequently (heading is not stationary)


  • Color: Gold
  • Working Voltage:
  • Min: 6.0V
  • Standard: 8.4V
  • Max: 17.0V
  • Pitch Angle (Handheld in horizontal):
  • Min: -160° (Down)
  • Standard: 0° (Horizontal)
  • Max: +160° (Up)
  • Roll Angle:
  • Min: -50°
  • Standard: 0° (Horizontal)
  • Max: +50°
  • Heading Angle (Handheld in vertical):
  • Min: -160° (Left)
  • Max: +160° (Right)
  • Heading Angle (Handheld in horizontal):
  • Min: -50°
  • Max: +50°
  • Pitch Following Rate:
  • Min: 2°/Sec
  • Max: 75°/Sec
  • Heading Following Rate:
  • Min: 3°/Sec
  • Max: 150°/Sec
  • Static Attitude Tracking Accuracy (Gimbal in static mode):
  • Min: 0.01
  • Standard: 0.02
  • Max: 0.05
  • Motion Attitude Tracking Accuracy (Motor overload<2G):
  • Min: 0.1
  • Standard: 0.2
  • Max: 0.5
  • Overload Current Protection: 800mA
  • Weight: 265g (Without batteries & camera)

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