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Triple Pack Parallel Charge Adapter for Phantom 2-Vision

Old Price: $5.95

Special Price: $2.98

Part Number: M1-DJI3PCHRGB

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Hyperion Multione - The things you need to complete your MultiRotor, made right, for a great price.

This Triple Pack Parallel Charge Adapter is designed to be fully-compatible with your current version DJI Phantom 2, Phantom Vision Charger, or other after-market charger. The integrated circuit inside the battery will automatically stop charging once the Battery is full so no worrying about if one of your Batteries is too much charged than the other.


  • Up to 15 Amps Charging Current
  • LED On-light indicator
  • High Quality Charging Jack Plugs
  • Robust PCB Design
  • 100% Compatible with Original DJI Phantom 2/Vision charger
  • Compatible with other Aftermarket Chargers
  • Compatible with DJI Original Batteries

Included in the package

  • 1 x Triple Pack Parallel Charge Adapter
  • * DJI Charger not included