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MultiOne Quadcopter Travel Backpack (For DJI Vision 2, Phantom 3)

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Part Number: M1-TRVLBPCKV2P3

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Hyperion Multione - The things you need to complete your MultiRotor, made right, for a great price.

The MultiOne Deluxe Multicopter Backpack is designed specifically for the Phantom 3, Multione adds expertise, quality and features that have never been seen before.

During development Multione focused on comfort, the MultiOne Deluxe backpack has a few features unlike the standard strap style bags on the market. Spreading the load evenly across the back and not just the shoulders is what defines our Mulitione superior design. MultiOne has added a top weight transfer and neck support across the top-edge joining the two shoulder straps together, thus keeping the shoulder straps in place during movement and making a “V” shape. The Shoulder straps are padded with a hybrid breathable webbing on the inside and a durable wear and water resistant fabric on the outside. The chest strap has an elastic tension stretch-loop strap for comfort and adjustability. The Multione Deluxe Backpack also features a lower padded waist-stabilizing strap for load transfer to the hips, giving you the ability to run, climb, and hike with the backpack on and not sliding around.

For storage there are 3 external pouches: a Velcro pocket on the left, a web pocket on the right and a huge zipper pouch on the back. The huge internal storage area is accessed from a dual zipper back that opens completely allowing you to lay the Backpack on the ground so you may use it as a staging area for your gear. There is also an internal pouch on the inside of the back plate and the ridge foam insert is pre-cut to fit your DJI Phantom, Vision2, and Phantom 3 Multirotor, RC transmitter, Batteries and Accessories. Mutione has also taken some additional steps in providing the utmost in awesomeness by elongating the foam insert where the props are located so the bare motor shafts of your Phantom does not dig into the material and cause tear.

The MultiOne Deluxe backpack is the ultimate companion for transporting and bringing along your multirotor for all of your life's adventures, you never know when you need to pick your quad up for any of your ready-to-go moments.


  • V back Top loading distribution straps for neck and back support
  • Cross waist and elastic tensioned chest straps (adjustable)
  • Highly Padded shoulder straps with breathable webbing
  • 1680D Double Yarn Waterproof Polyester Oxford Fabric With PVC coating
  • Wear and Tear Resistant
  • Water-resistant
  • Multiple Pockets and Pouches
  • Precut protective foam insert for DJI Style quads including the Vision2 and Phantom 3
  • Rubber moulded bottom feet-skids


  • Size: 470 x 360 x 220mm
  • Material: 1680D Double Yarn Waterproof Polyester Oxford Fabric With PVC coating
  • Weight: 1100g

Note: The Foam insert is designed to fit the DJI Phantom, Vision 2, and Phantom 3 (P3) Multirotor, it can also be easily modified to fit other Multirotors of the same size and class