Hyperion Transmitter Travel Bag / Carrying Case



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Looking for the perfect solution for protecting your Transmitter anywhere you go? Tired of bashing your expensive Transmitter into every object known to man-kind? Well Hyperion has what your looking for.

The Hyperion Transmitter Bag features lightweight EVA-Hybrid construction, yet it is still rigid enough to protect your Radio during normal transport to the field or anywhere else you go. The Hyperion Tx case has dual zippers, a removable carrying strap and pockets inside to accommodate a wide variety of accessories such as spare TX battery, chargers, tools, your neck strap and more!

Two foam blocks are included on the inside for accommodating your specific transmitter shape, these foam blocks feature a hook & loop backing so they can be moved to whichever position you need very quickly and easily. There is even a hook & loop strap integrated into the bag to ensure your transmitter stays put.

The Hyperion EVA Transmitter Case features a removable handle that clips to the top of the Case making it easy to carry and transport.


  • Material: EVA Outer Case, Fabric inside
  • Inner Dimensions: 290x190x100mm
  • Total Weight: 450g
  • Fits Majority of Air Transmitter Radios