APC EP Prop 5.1x4.5 Wide-blade E Prop

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APC Thin Electric Propellers or APC "E" props as they are often referred to, are a range of electric propellers produced in the USA by Landing Products. Landing Products have been producing propellers since around 1989 and their vast range of glow and electric propellers is widely accepted as offering excellent performance and value.

The APC Wide blade propellers are generally designed for high torque applications and as such have a stronger hub area and a much more rigid blade structure. The "EW" blades are wider at the widest part of the blade. They taper from that point to both the tip and the hub, with the tip slightly wider than the standard "E" props and the hub the same as the standard "E" props. They are thicker where the prop transitions from hub to blade and are slightly heavier due to the blade width increase. The Wide props do not provide the same speed in flight as their thin version do, but will get you a bit more pull over the top, and a bit more braking on the downlines.

Comes with 2 hub inserts for 6mm and 3/16" shafts.

Included with the package:

  • APC EP Prop 5.1x4.5 Wide-blade E Prop x 1
  • Composite adapter rings x 2


  • Diameter: 5.1"
  • Pitch: 4.5"
  • Hub Diameter: 0.50 in.
  • Hub Thickness: 0.34 in.
  • Shaft Diameter: 1/4 in.
  • Weight: 0.18 oz.
  • Color: GREY