Firewall Mount for GWS EPS 100/350

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Composite Motor Mounts for GWS EPS. CNC Fiberglass Firewall mount with replaceable Carbon Fiber rods (with threaded aluminum ends) that weighs in at only 4 grams (the GWS stick weighs 3.2 grams). The mount fits GWS 100/300/350 and dual IPS gearbox.

Simply insert the provided screws into the Fiberglass firewall bracket (choose the correct holes for your gearbox), secure with provided jam nut, install the 3 threaded carbon fiber rods and slide the gearbox on.

The bottom two rods slide into two of the casting marks (small holes near the bottom of the gearbox. Glue a small piece of wood stock (like the kind that comes with the GWS Planes) to the top rod and insert into the 10mm (.75") square hole at the top and secure with a small wood screw.

Place a small dab